Settlement Agreement Brexit

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The colonization program is not reserved for those who intend to settle in Britain after their studies. It is the immigration authorization that can lead to settlement, but should not be used to establish oneself. With permission as part of the program, there are no restrictions for studies (where you study or what you study). The billing system was designed in a very simple and user-friendly way and tested among three pilots (with changes to the application during these pilot projects). The United Kingdom has reached agreement on an agreement with Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein and a separate agreement with Switzerland. To see. It is difficult to predict precisely what changes will be made to existing labour law until an agreement is reached between the UK and the EU (if an agreement is reached). The government has provided online information on the settlement system in all EU languages. To see. Can you lose Settled`s status? The „settled status“ under the communal colonization system granted to the Swiss and their family members is lost from the United Kingdom and the islands after an uninterrupted absence of more than four years. Settled status, which is granted to all others under the regime, is lost from the UK and the islands after an uninterrupted absence of more than five years. What to do if you lose your „sedentary status“ People whose permanent absence means they have lost their „sedentary status“ must return to the UK and the islands by 31 December 2020 at 11pm if they wish to re-apply under the community settlement system.

The first application, submitted until 30 It results in the granting of a prior status of five years (see below). If you lose your „settlement status“ and no longer meet the requirements of the community housing system, for example. B return after December 31, 2020, you must apply in accordance with a category of relevant immigration rules. applications submitted by other categories of immigration rules apply to entry into the United Kingdom on or after 1 January 2021; You cannot apply in the UK before this date. You can either fill out an online application and then use the identity app (currently only available on Android phones) to upload documents, or fill out an online application and then personally perform identity verifications. When identity documents are sent, they are received, verified and returned (not kept). Some categories of authorized applicants cannot use the online service – for more information, see the guidelines of the Ministry of the Interior. A paper form can only be used in certain circumstances, but it is the only application method that can be used by certain categories of non-EU/EEA/Swiss applicants.

The information provided by the Ministry of the Interior indicates which categories of applicants should use the paper form and how to receive it. Since 4 June 2020, it is planned to submit a paper application to the corresponding e-mail address (indicated on the form) of the Ministry of the Interior. The application is free since March 30, 2019. For applications submitted and paid under the pilot project, the application fee is refunded – see The comparison system of 30 March 2019 You can use an employer toolkit to explain to workers the EU comparison system. The toolkit contains a series of ready-to-use brochures and posters….

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