Farmington Public Schools Collective Bargaining Agreement

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The Farmington Public Schools Board of Education recently voted unanimously to accept an agreement with its largest union – their teachers – on a pay rebate that remained from the February 2017 contract negotiations. „This agreement pays tribute to the contributions of teachers who worked hard for our students in the difficult years, while allowing the district to remain in the board`s target area,“ Gdansk said. In a statement, Superintendent Dr. George Heitsch said the parties have come together to enter into a contract until August 2019. According to Heitsch, the agreement included salary increases for teachers during the 2016-17 and 2017-18 school years. For the 2018-19 school year, officials said, the agreement called for the borough and the FEA to meet to discuss the salary and that there would be no wage movement in 2018-19 until an agreement was reached. „Negotiations on teachers` salaries 2018-19 began in May 2018 and continued through the summer,“ Heitsch said. „These negotiations resulted in an agreement and a full stage for teachers in August 2018.“ We have listed the 19 schools and their coordinates monitored by farmington Public Schools in the list below. For more information about each school, click on the name.

According to Gdansk, all other bargaining units have executed their contracts, which expire in June 2019. The Farmington Transportation Association has also entered into its contract, which expires in June 2020. Almost every aspect of a teacher`s work falls under the rules of a union contract. Below is an analysis of the current collective agreement for teachers and other groups of workers in Farmington Public Schools. The district employs about 890 teachers and enrolls 11,900 students. Of its operating budget of $158 million (excluding capital and debt expenditures), approximately 67% is spent on the compensation of employees covered by this contract. „The district appreciates all its employee groups and will continue to work together on agreements that serve our students, their families, our employees and our community,“ said Heitsch. „We look forward to continuing to work with the Board of Directors, our staff, our families, our students and our community to accomplish the district`s mission, engage every student in a quality experience, and enable every student to become a thoughtful and contributing citizen in a changing world.“ To view any of the municipal collective agreements, please click here Heitsch said the agreements are eager for district officials to tackle the borough`s mission.

Association dues paid with district funds in 2019-2020 See how other nearby school districts are achieving results in terms of learning and employment opportunities: the union contract also includes bonuses for additional tasks. Teachers receive $1500 per student beyond the class size limit (between 26 and 29, depending on the grade). You`ll also receive $24.30 per hour for dance watching, class parties, extracurricular excursions, theatrical productions, sporting events, departure services, and other events…

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