Divorce Agreement South Africa

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The main relevant provisions relating to the allocation of unfenced retirement benefits to a non-member spouse in the event of divorce are contained in the Divorce Act and the Pension Funds Act 24 of 1956. (Financial Services Laws General Amendment Act changes annuities and divorce) According to scenario 5 above, the property becomes the common patrimony of the parts of the first marriage. If the fortune is not dealt with in the divorce, the parts of the first marriage will have common ownership. If the former spouse remarries, his half is then owned by his new spouse. This means that you need all three parties to sign the mandate and purchase agreement. For the periodic table to apply, the ANC must be delimited in a certain way. The provision system includes a calculation that is applied when the marriage is dissolved by divorce. The spouses divide the property during their marriage on the basis of a certain calculation when the marriage ends. When the spouses are married in a community of property, their property is committed to the joint succession and if a court makes a divorce order, the property must be distributed. If the spouses agree on a division of the joint estate, a settlement agreement can be concluded, which is included in the divorce decree and ordered by the court.

If the spouses do not reach an agreement on how to divide their joint estate (as is often the case), the court has the power to appoint a liquidator or liquidator who values and divides the assets of the joint succession on his or her behalf. ▪ If the parties agree that the property is retained or transferred in both names, so that it is registered in the name of both parties with respect to the divorce, the parties are co-owners.

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