Copy Of Custody Agreement

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The judge can determine which parent the child is entitled to his taxes each year. Check your custody order to see if the order indicates who will claim the child each year. If the order does not say, the IRS rules apply. Check with a professional tax office to find out which parent can claim the child according to IRS rules. Make two copies of the Notice of Hearing and Motion and make them at the District Judge`s office. Ask the administrator for a hearing date and time and complete paragraph 3 of each copy of the form. Put a copy and take the others. There are two types of guardianship, guardianship before the probate court and guardianship in the youth court. Guardianship is ordered by the probate court if neither the youth court nor the family court has had jurisdiction with the child. If the child is in need of care or is a ward of the court, the youth court may order guardianship. If the family court has made a custody decision, the family court will review all other orders. Information on the appropriate location for the deposit can be found with the staff of the Mutual Aid Service of the Family Law Specialist`s Office.

If I have shared custody, doesn`t that mean I don`t have to pay family allowances? Submit to the friend of the Court the initial information form for the judgment on domestic relations. Keep a copy for yourself and a copy for service on the accused. (This is necessary in all counties). Date and sign the proof of service and create two copies. .

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