Trade Agreement Between India And Russia

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Relations between India and Russia are rooted in history, mutual trust and mutually beneficial cooperation. It is a strategic partnership that has stood the test of time and is supported by the people of both countries. In addition, IRIGC has other organizations that have economic relations between the two countries. These include the Indorus Forum for Trade and Investment, the India-Russia Economic Council, the India-Russia Council for Trade, Investment and Technology and the India-Russia Chamber of Commerce. [32] Officials from both countries discussed how to strengthen cooperation between their respective countries or it industries. Russian Communications Minister Nikolai Nikiforov said in an interview: „The development of computer products and software is traditionally a strength of India. We welcome possible joint projects on the ground and closer contacts between Russian and Indian companies. [57] However, this could soon change after an agreement has been reached between India and Russia to try to increase trade in both directions to $30 billion by 2025. „We hope for a speedy conclusion of the EEU-India free trade agreement and the next round of strategic Russian-Indian economic dialogue focused on transport, agriculture, small and medium-sized enterprises,“ Kudachev said.

6. Bilateral trade figures for the past ten years are listed below: During negotiations for a trade agreement between India and the U.S. S.R., it was agreed that the inclusion of hydrogenated oils, cashews, dyes and tanneries, shoes and sporting goods in Schedule B of the agreement would be discussed as soon as possible by representatives of the Indian government and the U.S. Embassy in India. 6. Bilateral trade amounted to $5.41 billion between January and October 2015, with Indian exports amounting to $1.49 billion and imports from Russia at $3.92 billion. Major exports from India include medicines, various manufacturers, iron and steel, clothing, tea, coffee and tobacco.

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