Agreement To Have A Bicameral Congress

8. dubna 2021 | Vít Zemčík | Nezařazené | Sdílet na Facebooku

[51] For example, John Ferejohn, `Who wins in conference?`, Journal of Politics, 37, 1975, 1033-46; John Carter and John Baker, „Winning in House Senate conferences: the revised theory“ and the problem of countertrending conferences.“ Presentation at the 1986 Southwest Political Science Association Annual Meeting; Lawrence Longley and Walter Oleszek, „The Three Contexts of Congressional Politics: Bicameral Politics in a Nutshell.“ Presentation at the 1983 American Political Science Association Annual Meeting; Gerald Strom and Barry Rundquist, „A revised theory of winning in House Senate conferences,“ American Political Science Review, Vol. and David Vogler, „Patterns of one-house dominance in congressional conference committees,“ Midwest Journal of Political Science, 14, 1970, 303-20. The outcome of the negotiations of the Conference Commission in State Legislatures is referred to by Donald Gross, House-Senate conference committees: a comparative state perspective, American Journal of Political Science, 24, 1980, 769-78. In Washington, for decades, it was thought that party discipline in Congress was very low. It was fair and in the sense that national party organizations have little means of imposing discipline by punishing representatives and senators who, if recognized, oppose the party`s position on certain issues. But what has changed in recent decades is the degree of voluntary consensus in the vote in Congress. If such joint meetings were held regularly, they would allow the Australian House to prevail against the Senate (if both houses were brought together to support their legislative positions) because there are twice as many members in the House of Representatives as senators. But it is precisely because these procedures are too impractical for regular use and, above all, to reach agreement on legislation that requires rapid adoption, that the constitutional capacity of the House of Representatives to impose itself through the Senate has little practical effect.

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