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If the contract does not contain a termination clause, the termination of the contract could be made on the basis of applicable legislation. Under these conditions, the following principles apply: most Dutch law agreements can also be terminated for convenience. However, some contracts cannot be terminated for convenience, for example.B. or an indeterminate lease or a shareholder contract (unless otherwise stated in the agreement). In a distribution contract, you define the term and how you can terminate the distribution contract (in Dutch: „opzeggen“). The notice period can be set in the distribution agreement. When a distribution contract is established for a fixed term (for example. B for a period of 5 years), the distribution contract cannot normally be terminated prematurely. Your Dutch lawyer in the Netherlands is happy to advise you on the contractual possibilities of valid termination. A team of editors has created an informative website to improve the accessibility of Dutch civil law by providing a brief overview of some of the key areas of Dutch contract law that may be relevant to foreign companies or people working in the Netherlands; In most cases, the contracts contain, under Dutch law, a provision for the termination of the contract for convenience. Therefore, a first step would be to review the contract (including the terms and conditions that may apply) and to review the termination provisions.

In many contracts, termination must be done in writing, taking into account notice. If these formalities have not been properly applied, the termination does not in principle come into force. Our Dutch lawyers are happy to handle distribution contracts under Dutch law. MAAK Advocaten represents the interests of both the client (manufacturer) and the distributor or supplier in a dispute over an existing distribution agreement. Whether it is a provision of the distribution contract or the termination of the distribution contract, our Dutch lawyers in the Netherlands can initiate legal proceedings in all civil courts. For certain types of agreements, Dutch law provides for mandatory termination clauses. This is the case, for example, with employment contracts, leases and loan contracts. Therefore, in some cases, additional provisions or restrictions may prevent a simple termination. A contract or contract (including terms and conditions) is ensured by the offer and acceptance of the offer and acceptance is the main condition for the formation of a contract under Dutch contract law. „We over offer and acceptance of offer and acceptance.

These promotions can be very explicit, as in the case of buying a home, but in everyday life, they tend to collapse: paying for gas with a credit card is essentially accepting the offer of gasoline for a certain liter of price. If the parties agree, a contract will be entered into. In principle, all individuals and legal entities are able to enter into contracts. There are some exceptions, such as minors (who require parental consent) and persons declared incompetent (z.B. due to mental illness). In the event of termination of a distribution contract, it is recommended that you get advice from a Dutch specialist lawyer in case of termination of a distribution contract. Your Dutch lawyer can advise you and advise your intention to terminate the distribution contract. In addition, your Dutch lawyer can ensure that your termination is valid and that the formalities are completed.

If you have any questions, please contact us: does this mean that there is no possibility of early termination of such a contract? No, the following options remain open: in any event, it is advisable to write the contractual terms in writing and have them signed by both parties in order to avoid difficulties with the content or even the existence of an agreement.

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