What Is A Political Agreement

20. prosince 2020 | Vít Zemčík | Nezařazené | Sdílet na Facebooku

I hope that we can move forward and reach a political agreement that meets our objectives and achieves the goals we want to achieve. The Government of National Unity establishes and constitutes a political agreement as part of its peace agreement, to ensure that they have a balance sheet and an agreement that they can consider and implement as part of their peace and peace agreement. By integrating cultural cooperation protocols into trade agreements and promoting the objectives and principles of the Convention in other international and regional for a, treaties and agreements, the EU supports equal access, openness and balance in the flow of cultural goods and services and facilitates the mobility of cultural professionals (Objective 2 of the Convention). This is why the EU is also contributing to the implementation of SDG 10 by implementing the principle of special and differentiated treatment of developing countries, particularly least developed countries, in cultural trade agreements (Objective 10.a). An excellent document recently written by Véronique Guévremont and Ivana Otasevic for UNESCO details the main objectives and scope of recent EU trade agreements in the field of culture (DCE/16/10.IGC/INF.3, available en.unesco.org/creativity/sites/creativity/files/sessions/10igc_inf3_etude_articles_16_et_21_en.pdf). Three EU trade agreements – with CARIFORUM (the 15 Caribbean states and the Dominican Republic), Central America and the Republic of Korea – contain a cultural cooperation protocol explicitly referring to the convention. Cultural cooperation protocols largely pursue similar objectives and each provides preferential treatment to all parties, including artist mobility, the negotiation of co-production agreements and, in the case of Korea and Cariforum, preferential access to audiovisual works. The aim is to reach, at some point, a peace agreement, a political agreement. This is the best way forward.

… the terms of the 2008 Global Political Agreement (GPA), which attempted to end a political crisis in Zimbabwe. The structure of the executive was changed, which led to the creation of a prime minister and the creation of two deputy prime minister posts. The ratification by the European Union in 2006 of the Convention on the Protection and Promotion of Diversity of Cultural Expressions enabled the European Union to fully integrate culture into the EU`s external relations, allowing the EU to seek the best ways to implement the agreement with its partners, including through broad political dialogues and trade negotiations. Look, I think the president`s trying to do the right thing. And what he is trying to do is form a coalition of Western democracies with Muslim nations to destroy Daesh, while ensuring that we are not engaged in an eternal war in the Middle East, and I think the main problem we have now is to destroy Daesh. And I think we need to work towards a political agreement to remove Assad from office.

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