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Paris, France 11 August 2020: Voodoo, the #1 Mobile Games Publisher worldwide in terms of downloads, has announced the launch of a hyper-casual gaming competition that will allow mobile developers (historic studios and newcomers to the sector) to get big cash prizes and attractive publishing contracts. I think a lot of these things should come from the editor`s cut. It is obvious that publishers will think differently and want to include these non-specific lists of deductions in the terms of the agreement. These deductions should be specified (and, if possible, minimized) before signing. For some publishing contracts, a developer or other collaborator must be part of your team throughout the development. These are known as „key man“ and can be problematic if that person leaves your team. Voodoo is no stranger to the Runner genre, with recent release successes such as Spiral Roll, Cube Surfer, Draw Climber, Tower Run, Knock Em All and Stack Colors, to name but a few of their best 2020 charts. Voodoo`s goal is to support a new generation of innovative developers by providing them with robust product and distribution views and support. They usually do this through close and flexible partnerships with studios. Chris Shen, President of The9, said: „With the expansion of the gaming user base, casual games have shown rapid development prospects in China and around the world. Through our strategic collaboration with Voodoo to publish and jointly operate a variety of casual games in China, we can take advantage of the popularity of high-level gaming IPs in the Chinese market to increase our market share in casual games. Based on Voodoo`s extensive experience in data optimization and its possession of a large number of famous gaming IPs, we believe that Voodoo and The9 have a major advantage in the field of publishing casual games in the mainland China market. I think players will be fascinated by the new look and richer game of these well-known hypercausal games, which will bring a new trend to the casual gaming market. SHANGHAI, September 21, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — The9 Limited (Nasdaq: NCTY) („The9“), a well-established internet company, today announced that it has signed an agreement with Voodoo, a French game developer and publisher.

The9 and Voodoo will collaborate on the release and operation of Occasional Games in mainland China. Le9 will publish and work under this two agreement, with an option for a third, Casual Games with Strong IAP (In App Purchase) licensed by Voodoo. In the negotiations on the publication agreement, however, there is a huge power imbalance between the developer and the publisher. Often, the publisher makes the initial contract available and dictates these initial terms. They have lawyers working on their behalf, whereas many developers cannot afford them. „Some publishing contracts require a developer or other member of your team to be part of your team throughout the development… If the key man leaves during production, it could break the whole agreement and cancel the contract.“ Many publishing contracts are silent on deadlines, while others challenge them in a way that gives the publisher all the power. Developers, especially those who have not yet succeeded, may be shy when it comes to fending off a publishing house. The result is often that they sign any agreement submitted to them, even though many of the above issues exist. It is not a good deal for all the reasons we have discussed.

View original content:www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/the9-and-voodoo-signed-cooperation-and-publishing-agreement-301134473.html Earlier this year, Voodoo signed an agreement with Snapchat to put one of its games on the platform.

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