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Pest Control Agreements

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The second type of pest control contract is for termite control. Because termite damage is a serious problem, these contracts are more involved. They provide, if necessary, a first-line inspection and treatment as well as follow-up inspections. Ask if the annual fee stays the same each year. It is almost impossible to grow systematically with sporadic or unique customers. Without having the ability to predict and plan where you will be in the next 3, 6 and 12 months, you will not be able to grow effectively or consistently. I`ve seen a lot of owners come out of the store because they couldn`t predict exactly what their workload/turnover would be over time. You may think you`re doing your clients a favor by not using agreements, but how can you help customers if you can`t predict how many technicians/office workers you need to hire, or if you`re still in business!? In fact, if you ever plan to sell your business, contract customers would significantly improve their valuation. There are very few reasons why a pest control agreement does not work best for most pest control needs. With pest control security for your home, it not only protects as an investment, but ensures it is a healthier environment for your family. There are many types of pests that can not only represent a sense of discomfort for many people, but they also carry diseases that can endanger the health of people and animals living in the home. In the end, with the benefits, there is no reason not to at least study the types of pest control service contracts. Work volume: Make sure you clearly recognize what your service does and doesn`t cover.

Flying insects, termites, wasp nests on the second floor? What about carpenter ants or grubs? Customers often have unrealistic expectations of what is considered a covered parasite. Make sure you and the customer are on the same page about the difference between pest control and never an insect. The cost of a termite control agreement and a loan for a newly built home is between $500 and $1,000. Retreats: How many times do you return for free to deal with persistent problems – once a quarter, twice? What happens when the customer calls you every time he sees a lone ant? What if the customer had garbage on the floor and unsealed food in the kitchen? If you set the right expectations in advance, your client will know that you are committed to solving problems while understanding that pest control is a cooperative effort that sometimes takes time. Contract duration: One of the most difficult parts of your business is uncertainty.

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