Ability Network Service Agreement

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855.643.2252 www.rapid-network.com www.ecctec.com rapidinfo@ecctec.com Inovalon is a leading provider of cloud-based healthcare platforms. Through the Inovalon ONE® Platform, Inovalon brings to market a national ability to connect to the health ecosystem, aggregate and analyze data in real time, and enable the application of the resulting knowledge to achieve significant effects at the safe point. Inovalon uses its platform, unrivalled proprietary datasets and undergraduate skills, and enables better maintenance, efficiency and financial performance across the healthcare ecosystem. From health plans and supplier organizations to pharmaceutical, medical and diagnostic companies, Inovalons achieves unique added value through the effective development of „Turning Data into Insight, and Insight into Action®.“ Support thousands of customers, including 24 in the top 25 U.S. health plans, 22 of the world`s 25 largest pharmaceutical companies, 19 of the top 25 U.S. healthcare providers and many of the world`s leading pharmaceutical companies, device manufacturers and other components in the healthcare sector, technology platforms and inovalon analytics are informed of data on more than 988,000 physicians, 552,000 clinical facilities, 314 million Americans and 53 billion medical events. For more information, see www.inovalon.com. Through PracticeSuitePracticeSuite is a cloud-based technology solution for Dassame and a sales cycle management services provider for independent firms. With extensive experience in medical billing, practical management and online medical records, as well as patient-related interaction solutions, PracticeSuite`s customer-focused approach offers more than 57,000 healthcare professionals. Since 2004, PracticeSuite has been offering innovative and integrated solutions focused on the productivity and profitability of outpatient care providers.

For more information, see www.practicesuite.com. Inovalon ONE® Platform is an integrated cloud platform with nearly 100 proprietary technology tools and in-depth data resources that can be quickly configured to enable the implementation of major data-based health initiatives.

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